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The Farm

At Tenuta Montiani the land is still a symbol of fertility, and is considered the great mother who gives life to  man and all living species.  The farm is  an organism in which the various parts interact with one another in order to obtain a rich terrain through plantation, composting, and the manure supplied by our farm animals. All of these are combined to respect and conserve the biodiversity of the land.

We choose to eliminate the use of synthetic chemicals in all stages of farming and production, instead using natural substances and the available technology to resolve farming issues. In addition to the production of  wine, grapes and olive oil, we are dedicated to the care of farm animals, the production of honey and other bee products, the collection of flowers, plants and herbs, as well as growng fruits and vegetables for the farm.

Those who live the reality of Tenuta Montiani rediscover harmony with nature and pursue the ethics of responsible consumption and sustainable living. To ensure our products have a reasonable price we seek to build a direct relationship with our clients.


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